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Sponsors:   Visit our Sponsor Vintage Stock!  


Click here to visit Vintage Stock!

Vintage_Stock - provides the mid-America region with one of the finest selections of video games, music, movies, books, cards, comics, and toys.  Success has allowed them to span out into the mid-America region with stores throughout Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, and Texas.  Vintage Stock will have a display of items to sell and samples of the many items to be found at any of their store locations.

Visit All Your Base on FaceBook!

All Your Base . - is the one and only stop for all your classic & used video games in Broken Arrow. They carry a great selection of new and used games and feature excellent trade-ins and deals for your gently used video games and accessories. Be sure to welcome All Your Base for their first time showing at the OVGE and be sure to stop by their shop sometime to check out their R2 special selections!

ThrillHouse Games - Tulsa's newest independantly owned video game store. ThrillHouse specializes in rare and hard to find games and memoribilia. Giving you the best prices on your trade-ins and some of the best prices to be found in town! Visit their facebook page to see pics of many of the items you can find in their store. Stop in and tell James "Hello!" and be sure to let them know the OVGE sent you!

Visit the Nintento-Okie website!

Nintendo Okie - Is a news and editorial web site dedicated to everything concerning the world of Nintendo. They'll be hosting a live version of their Question Block Trivia Contest that will require you have to know some Nintendo trivia and to display your skills on the consoles as well. Prizes will be awarded to the winners of the Question Block so make sure you're ready for some trivia.  If you've never checked out the site they'll have it on display with members of the staff to guide you through the content available and to answer any questions you have about the site or Nintendo in general.

Visit Oklahoma Retro Gamers Society!

Come and play with the Oklahoma Retro Gamers Society will return to be a part of the OVGE!  Their booth will have T-Shirts and multiple classic game systems hooked up for your enjoyment as well as information about joining their group or starting your own in your home town.  Oklahoma's retro gaming culture is alive and thriving -- and the OKRGS is dedicated to bringing vintage video game enthusiasts together for meet-ups, trading, and camaraderie!

Click here to visit Lynda's Action Figures!

Retro Gamer Shirts - Returning for their fourth year! They have excellent T-Shirts for sale for the gamer who knows that 8 bits is where it's at! Be sure to check out their quality shirts and other items of interest for the vintage gaming enthusiast!

Trade-N-Games - Is one of Missouri's premier stores for the video game collector. They feature a great selection of new and used games and accessories with a large selection of hard to find games for literally "Everything from ATARI to XBOX"! You're sure to find a game or two you need!

Click here to contact the OVGE!

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